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Industrial effluent treatment plants

Household sewage treatment plants

"MetalPromExport" is a rapidly growing manufacturing company, constantly developing new products for different branches of business, industry and household use.

Modern wooden houses

The main priority of the company is building different kinds of modern wooden houses.
We apply all our efforts to design and construct masterpieces of luxury log homes, which in all details meet the highest standards of quality. In log homes building we use both traditional methods and newest technologies of round logs manufacture that guarantee its durability and resistance to adverse climatic conditions.
We build wooden homes as part of infrastructure for mountain ski hotels and recreations, including the whole range of modern entertainment environment: baths, saunas and luxury restaurants.

Ships for sale

Our company constantly expands production range of ships for sale. You can order different passenger vessels such as motor boats and yachts. Interiors of these vessels can be decorated according to design based on your personal exclusive desires using different tree species and modern materials. Our designers will make all your dreams come true.
We are proud that a lot of well known shipping companies are using river and offshore vessels manufactured by our company. We follow an approach that each vessel should have its own face in interior to amaze passengers of your offshore vessels with pleasant memories of wonderful sea adventure.

Сargo ships for sale

Today's realities demand a specific approach to transportation safety. Our сargo vessels are designed with a use of newest achievements in shipbuilding and have the most up-to-date navigation equipment.

Equipment for remote sites

We design and produce various types of equipment for remote industrial sites.
First of all we offer gas-piston power plants, which can satisfy demands of electricity and heating supply especially if you have problems of utilizing associated petroleum gas. Among the advantages of gas-piston power plants are: low cost of produced energy, short terms of installation and many others.

Modern approaches to preparation and purification of water

Our main aim of water treatment plants production is provision of high-quality water supply to the areas with lack of central pipelines. Besides, there is huge variety of areas where water treatment plants can be used. We'll be glad to propose our water treatment plants to bakeries, laundries, washing lines, refrigeration and air condition, swimming pools, pulp and textile industries, foods industry for production of mash, wine and ice-cream.

Treatment plants for effluent and sewage

A wide variety of businesses from food industry to car washing services need a huge amount of water and its post-usage treatment. Our industrial effluent treatment plants can meet your needs of cleaning water from oil products, fats and other wastes.
We also have a special offer for private customers such as household sewage treatment plants.
Attitude to ecological issues is an indicator of maturity and responsibility. Our company will be glad to help you to run business that would benefit and won't hurt the environment.


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